St. Bernardus:
The noble St. Bernardus beers are brewed in the St. Bernardus brewery since 1946: Dark and Blond Abbey ales. All our ales have a high fermentation, brewed only with malts, hops and yeast of the very best quality. (click here for more)

Brewery Vaneecke:
In 1629,the belgian region of Watou was granted the exclusuve privelege of becoming an earldom of the illustrious van Yedegem family. The family owned a castle in Watou, to which a brewery was attached. However,during the rench revolution,both the castle and brewery were destroyed. After the revolution ,only the brewery was rebuilt, ... (Click here for more)

De Dolle Brouwers:
The founder of the brewery was a doctor in medecine, Louis Nevejan. We have recently found papers in the archives stating that the first building dates from 1835 AD. Once it was both brewery and distillery. The founder died in 1882 and the brewery was sold to Alouis Costenoble. The family brewed for three generations until 1980 when the brewery stopped. (Click here for more)