Centuries ago Ypres was a florishing medieval town, as big as Paris or London. A revealing memory of those times is the Cloth Hall at the Market Place. The ramparts, built by chief engineer Vauban, brings us back to the period of Louis XIV. Ypres reveals in each corner a story of european reign.

You should feel the Last Post at 8 pm every day again.

And then you have the warm and timeless pub The Times where Alain welcomes you with a blink of the eye.
Born and raised in Ypres, Alain, your host is the owner of the pub. He welcomes you as you are a regular guest. He’ll tip you on the best beers. If you want to taste the local flavours then he is your distinguished guide. He will tell you with great enthusiasm the secrets of our local history and folklore, especially when you enter upon the theme of the First World War. That and other local colourful tales and regulars are in a way also the specialty of the house! You will be swept away and make new friends for life...